born march 30 in jersey. very shy quiet nice big boned tall girl in class. grow up around people that never looked like me but didnt notice. had a group of friends. moved to schools 5 times. young self experiences dual identity crisis. do not belong here or there..anywhere? korean and american but not fully accepted for either? what do people view me as? oh well. continue catholic school forward on. not catholic. get into academic all girls high school. noob studying no party but naiive happy fresh times. go to sva for art school. commute 2 years hellhole. find a job move into city. pay my own rent at 20. begin to feel alive reborn. have fun with projects. in ad class. overnighting at school lab. underage nights at clubs. make friends as a happy floater. fall in love. dance again. lose 20 pounds. go through another crisis of identity. this time so sad i cry for days straight. feeling better most days. meeting up with friends from 12 years ago. feeling old but being young. being burnt out. then finding passion again at a day at at the beach. missing the rush of creating my vision. why did i forget? sho happy. debating moving home as smart? no. here i am in one paragraph. 
das ma lyfe. 
sad fact: i was vegan for 2 months and quarter of my hair fell out.

call me gum girl, i gotchu wit dat half slice. minty freshy teethy breathy good. extra polar ice only.

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